XY-APWM 1-Channel 1Hz-150KHz Signal Generator

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XY-APWM signal generator is a device that provides electrical signals at a variety of frequencies, square wave, and output levels.It is used as a signal source or excitation source for testing.Widely used in production practice and technology.


1>.LCD high definition display

2>.Support amplitude adjustment

3>.Support frequency adjustment

4>.Support duty cycle adjustment

5>.High precision detection

6>.Support power-down memory function

7>.1-Channel PWM output

8>.Dual Precision Mode

9>.Supports lock function to avoid misoperation

10>.Support enable output

11>.ABS shell


1>.Product name: XY-APWM PWM Signal Generator

2>.Model: XY-APWM

3>.Work Voltage:DC 3.3V-12V

4>.Frequency range(Normal mode):1Hz~150KHz

5>.Frequency range(Precise mode):1Hz~15KHz

6>.Frequency accuracy:2%

7>.Duty cycle accuracy:1% at Normal mode

8>.Duty cycle accuracy:0.1% at Precise mode

9>.Duty cycle range:0.00%-100%

10>.Output Current:About 5-30mA

11>.Output amplitude:Adjustable

12>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃

13>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH


4.Set Work Mode:

1>.There is two work mode so it have two frequency range.

2>.Normal mode:Frequency range 1Hz~150KHz.Duty cycle range 000%-100%. Duty cycle accuracy 1%.Output amplitude range is DC 1V~24V.

3>.Precise mode:Frequency range 1Hz~15KHz.Duty cycle range 0.00%-100%.Duty cycle accuracy 0.1%.Output amplitude range is DC 1V~24V.

4>.Keep press button ‘ON/OFF’ for 5 second to switch to Normal mode and Precise mode.

5.Button description:

1>.Long press means need keep press for more than 3second.

2>.Short press button ‘ON/OFF’ to enabled/disabled PWM output.

3>.Keep press button ‘ON/OFF’ for 2 second to lock parameters and display lock symbol at the same time then these parameters can not be set and avoid misoperation.Press 2 second again to release lock function.

4>.Keep press button ‘ON/OFF’ for 5 second to switch to Normal mode and Precise mode.

5>.Short press button ‘SET’ to switch display set parameters for frequency and duty cycle and amplitude.Then press button ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ to set parameter value.

6>.Keep press button ‘SET’ for 2 second to set system parameters for ddn/dup/Fdn/FUP/Adn/AUP/dEF.Then press button ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ to set system parameter value.

6.Use steps:

1>.Connect to power supply.

2>.Set Normal mode and Precise mode.

3>.Set parameters for frequency and duty cycle and amplitude.

4>.Set system parameters for ddn/dup/Fdn/FUP/Adn/AUP/dEF if need set.

5>.Keep press ‘ON/OFF’ for 2second to lock set parameters.


7>.Press button ‘ON/OFF’ to turn on or off PWM output.

8>.Remove power and connect load to use module.


1>.Square wave signal generator, generating square wave signal for experimental development

2>.Used to generate a square wave signal that controls the motor driver

3>.Generate adjustable pulses for use by the MCU


5>.Speed governor


1>.It’s 1-channel PWM output signals.

2>.Its maximum output current is 30mA.Therefore it cannot directly drive high-power devices.

3>.Please read use manual and description before use.

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