1-channel 5V relay module with optocoupler (high level trigger)

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1. The module meets the safety standards, and there are isolation grooves between the control area and the load area.
2. Module with optocoupler isolation can trigger more reliably and stably.
3. Adopt double-sided FR-4 circuit board design and high-end patch technology.
4. Use genuine relay control;
5. It has power supply and relay action instructions. It can absorb and close brightly and disconnect lightly.
6. When there is a high level signal at the input end of the signal, the common end and the normal beginning will be connected.
7. Relays can directly control all kinds of equipment and loads.
8. There is a normally open and a normally closed contact.
9. Blue KF301 terminal connection control line is more convenient.
10. Module size: 53x18x18.5mm; Net weight: 16g

Module Interface:
VCC: Connect the positive pole of the power supply (supply by relay voltage)
GND: Connect power supply negative pole
IN: Relay Module Signal Trigger (High Level Trigger is Effective)
Meaning of high level and low level:
High-level trigger refers to a trigger mode connected with the trigger terminal by the positive voltage of the VCC terminal. When the trigger terminal has a positive voltage or reaches the trigger voltage, the relay sucks.
Low-level trigger refers to a trigger mode connected with the trigger terminal by the negative voltage of the GND terminal. When the trigger terminal has a voltage of 0V or a voltage low enough to trigger, the relay sucks.
Relay contact capacity: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC) (theoretical maximum load capacity)
It is recommended that the AC power be less than 1500W and the DC power be less than 200W.
Package Included:

1 x 1 Channel 5V Relay Module


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