Auto-Dial Home & Office Security Alarm System with Wireless Control


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Anti-interfere function. When someone interferes it with same frequency, the control unit will activate siren to alarm.
Support anti-decode with remote control
6 programmable Defense zone available, with status LED. The control panel can register 99 sensors and detectors. Every defense zone can set independently arm, disarm, delay alarm and so on.
Have the function of one-key arm. User can start Home arm or Out arm freely by keeping pressing one key on remote control to satisfy your need.
Can set the reminder sound of defense zones. Will remind users of remembering arm the alarm system when going out.
It stores 2 groups of monitoring center and 6 groups of user phone numbers to dial out and play the recorded message if there is an alarm.
Can arm/disarm with remote control or keypad on the control panel
Can arm/disarm/listen-in by calling the host phone number (The phone numbers of control panel).
Have the function of reminder for circuitry failure. For example, if telephone line is cut or short, the control panel will alarm.
Have in-built backup battery and can continue to work and last for 8—10 hours when electricity is cut or in failure.
With international Ademco Contact ID, can work with the monitoring center.
Key Chain Remote:
Enter or exit your home with an easy and convenient way to arm and disarm your security system. With our easy to use key fobs, you will never forget to arm your security system.
Door / Window Sensors:
These sensors are used to protect the opening of both doors and windows. If a burglar opens the protected door or window, a magnetic switch inside the sensor, will trip, which sets off the security system. Install one at every entrance to make sure your home is protected. Each sensor is supervised (self-checking) for professional reliability and offers you choice in design and performance.
Wireless PIR Detector:
Designed to work with your security systems, this battery-operated motion detector vigilantly stands guard looking for activity. When motion is detected (by a heat-sensitive Infrared sensor), this unit wirelessly activates the security system’s siren and starts your auto dialer!
Our motion sensors have built-in smart technology, they detect for both heat and movement. Motion sensors work 24 hours a day, which means they also work in the dark
At 120dbs, this siren will not only alert the neighbors of the intrusion, but scare away the burglar right out of your house!

Telephone Control:
– Arm
– Disarm
– Alarm With Sound
– Alarm No Sound
– Start Siren
– Stop Siren
– Individual Zone Settings
– Exit
Guard Zones: 4 (Independently Arm/ Disarm)
Alarm Time: 1~20 Minutes Adjustable in 1 Minute Increments
Up to 90 seconds Arming Time (to let you get clear)
6 Telephone Number Distress Dialing
10 Second Distress Message Recording
Panic Button on Remote
GSM Network Independent (Connects directly to landline)
Supports up to 100 wireless sensors including door magnetic detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, vibration detectors and IR detectors
Alerts you (or a 911 operator) by phone – dials up to 6 (six) customizable phone numbers when alarm goes off
Sensors are super light — installed by included adhesives and no drilling is required at all
Power outage protection – alarm systems stay completely alive for up to 48 hours via internal backup rechargeable batteries
Sensors and main console are connected through secure Wireless connection, works up to 300 feet radius area
Customization Guard / Arm delay and Panic delay (0~90sec)
Can be completely remote controlled via phone (customize personal PIN)
Remote environmental/sound monitoring via phone and PIN