D69-2058 Voltmeter Current Amp meter Power Factor Electric Energy Frequency Meter Digital Panel Wattmeter LCD VOLT AMP

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1.    Accuracy: 1% 2 words

2.    Range:

AC voltage: AC 40.0-300.0V

AC current: AC 0-99.99A, minimum resolution is 0.01A

power frequency:  45.0Hz-65.0Hz

power factor :     0.00-1.00PF

active power:     0-45000W when the active power between 0 and 9999.9W, the display accuracy is 0.1W

Electric energy:   0-9 99999kwh,when the electric power between 0 and 999.99kwh, the

display accuracy is 0.01kwh, when between 10000.0-9999.9kwh, the display

accuracy is  0.1kwh,when between 10000.0 and 999999kwh, the display

accuray is 1kwh.

3.Speed: 2 times per second

4.Size: 79*43*48mm

5.Installation Size: 76*39mm

6.Auto-saving: when power off, the electric energy will be saved. The saved electric energy will

Be accumulated continue when the meter power-on next time.

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