DC 5V IR Encoder IR Infrared Remote Decoder Encoding Transmitter Receiver Wireless Module For Arduino

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The infrared decoding and encoding module adopts MCU+infrared emitting head+infrared receiving head, which leads out the serial port of MCU to connect other devices that need infrared control, and can be used as infrared wireless data communication and data transmission. It has NEC format infrared code transmission function, which can control 99% NEC infrared format equipment, such as most TV sets, set-top boxes, DVDs, electric fans and other electrical equipment. It only needs to use the serial communication knowledge of the single chip microcomputer to send the specified command through the serial port to transmit the control module; the infrared decoding operation is performed through the serial port receiving mode to obtain the remote control coding information. You can also use the store’s USB to TTL combined with the computer to control other devices. After connecting the circuit, the computer host computer software can simply send and receive commands to realize the codec function. Two modules can complete the transceiving operation.

Size: 2.7×1.7×1.3CM
Supply voltage: DC 5V
Supply current: >100mA
Standby power consumption: about 17.5mA
Communication method: serial communication (5V TTL level)
Emission distance: 6-10 meters (different depending on the ambient light and the condition of the transceiver)
Receiving distance: 6-10 meters (related to the power of the transmitting equipment)
Support NEC encoding chip: (Typical encoding chip such as uPD6121, uPD6122, TC9012 and many compatible chip models, such as PT2221, PT2222, SC6121, SC6122, SC9012, etc.)
Infrared signal: wavelength 940nm 38KHz
The baud rate defaults to 9600bps, and the serial port can be set to 4800, 19200, 57600bps.