DC-DC 12v to 5v converter usb HW-851

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supporting device :

Mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet computers, navigators, driving recorders, etc., require USB-powered devices. Can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time, 4 total current 8A.
A variety of input and output methods, support terminal input, DC block input, output support 4 * USB output, terminal output 5V.
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Physical dimension:

54(L)*39(W)*21(H)mm (with USB port)
Pin mode:
VIN+ input positive, GND common ground, OUT+ output positive


(1) Do not use overvoltage and overload, otherwise it will damage the battery and power supply.
(2) Modules can only be stepped down and cannot be boosted, and cannot supply power to electrical equipment that is higher than the input voltage.
(3) Pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation when working with a large amount of current and power for a long time to extend the service life of the power supply.
(4) Do not work at full capacity for a long time. Please keep 20% of the margin when working continuously. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.


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