DC-DC Step Down Converter 5-30V To 1.25-26V

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Πληρωμή με τραπεζική μεταφορά

  • Input voltage: 5-30V(maximum input voltage 32V)
  • Output voltage: 1.25-26V (step-down mode, output voltage must lower than input voltage 2V at least)
  • Output current: 0.15-2A Adjustable output(maximum output current 2.6A
  • Ripple frequency: About 52 KH
  • Ripple peak to peak value : 50mv (typical value)
  • In+: Input positive
  • In-: Input negative
  • Out+: Output positive
  • Out-: Output negative
  • Weight: 33g
  • Dimensions: 56(L) *38(W) *23(H)mm
  • Voltage Indicator(CV):The module is in the constant voltage mode.
  • Current Indicator(CC) :The module is in the constant current mode.
  • Voltage potentiometer:The multimeter adjusted to voltage is connected the module output. Adjust potentiometer clockwise, the output voltage increases. Adjust potentiometer counter-clockwise, the output voltage drops. The multimeter will display voltage. (In constant voltage working state)
  • Current potentiometer:The multimeter adjusted to current is connected the module output.Adjust potentiometer clockwise, the output current increases. Adjust potentiometer counter-clockwise, the output current drops.The multimeter will display current.(In constant current working state)