QSKJ 1-35V 80W Step Up Module DC-DC

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DC-DC 9-35 to 1-35V 80W Step Up Down Module DC DC CC CV Buck Boost Converter 80W Buck Booster Power Supply Board Electronic PCB

1. With airfoil cooling, the cooling effect is significantly improved, the output power is greater (28V input plus fan when the power can be about 120W).
2. New design, conversion efficiency up to 90.5% (see data sheet efficiency conversion curve below for details).
3. Large-sized Sendust ring, using two 1.2 copper enameled wire and Rao, fever low, high efficiency.
4. Brand 3296W multi-turn potentiometer, high precision, small drift.
5. Using an independent reference IC, a number of alloy sampling resistance, constant current stability temperature drift small.
6. Undervoltage protection adjustable, can effectively protect a variety of batteries, solar cells can also be used.
7. With constant current function, can be used for high-power LED lights, battery charging and so on.
8. With over-temperature protection, you can effectively protect the power tube overheating, the protection of the use of power-down protection mode, off the type of non-directly to the battery charging or LED power supply, when the temperature will slowly reduce the output power, when the temperature drops Automatic recovery.
9. Output with short circuit protection, eliminating the shortcomings of the boost module without short circuit protection.
10. Two-color light, turn light current is about 0.2 times the cross-flow value, charging status at a glance.
11. Added MLCC ceramic capacitors, the output ripple significantly reduced at 12V 2A about 200 millivolts.
12. Very suitable for the car to 12.6V 14.4V lithium battery can be input 10-30V output stable at 12.6V, 14.4V, 14.6V, 16.8V and so on
Function introduction
Output voltage and current adjustable, can be boost, buck, constant current, constant voltage
Input adjustable undervoltage protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection.
Application range
QS-1212CCBD-80W is designed for high-power LED power supply, touch battery charging, automotive power supply, car charger for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, solar batteries or power supply buck-boost, the function is very powerful.
Output voltage fluctuation range of 3 ~ 35V, the output voltage 1-35V
Input and output non-isolated
Car voltage regulator, car charger.
High-power LED driver
Lead-acid, lithium battery charge
System power supply
Car Power
battery charger
Solar battery boost charging
Laptop mobile power supply