DCB118 ΦΟΡΤΙΣΤΗΣ για dewalt

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New dewalt 12V-20V electric tool battery charger suitable for DCB118 lithium charger

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Enter For 100V-240V AC 50-60Hz 80W
Output maxdc 21V of 3.0A
Color Black
Package quantity 18 pieces/box
Packaging weight 12kg
Package size 200××90mm 165
Weight 550g
Professional Power tool battery universal charger with LED indicator light
Product name Dewei battery, electric tool battery charger
Status New, high-quality power tool battery charger
Fitting model Dewei series power tool battery charger:

dcb121, dcb140, dcb141, dcb180, dcb181, power tool battery charger
dcf610s2, dcf815s2, power tool battery charger
dcd710s2, dcd730c2, dcd730l2, dcd735l2, dcd780c2, dcd780l2, dcd985l2, dcf835l2, dcf885l2 electric tool battery charger
Charging time
When Dewei is charging:

2.0ah (30 minutes); 3.0ah (45 minutes); 6.0ah (60-75 minutes);

Details Universal 100V to 240V voltage input, supporting extensive compatibility of 10.8v-20v batteries.

DC output 21v 3a max, charger battery replaces Dewei original charger in fast, efficient and high quality, universal charger-to-batter battery power tools.

Fast charging: 2.0ah (30 minutes), 3.0ah (45minutes), 6.0ah (60-75minutes).
Diagnostic LED indicator light and battery status: charging, charging, replacement packaging, battery too hot or too cold.
Durable and cooling system has a stable heat dissipation function.