Dual OMRON Relay UPC1237 Speaker Protection Board Kit

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προστασία μεγαφώνων με το ic upc1237

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The power-on delay is 1S closed, and it is not necessary to use the 3S delay. DC monitoring protection protects the speakers in real time. Disconnect the speaker when it is turned off.
1. Use the best performance UPC1237 as the core device, with boot delay, DC protection, power failure and shock resistance.
2. Use OMRIN original high current relay as the core device is not afraid of contact ignition and oxidation.
3. Use 7812 for voltage regulation, wide power supply range, up to AC12V to AC24V.
4. Equipped with 7812 voltage regulator is more stable than protection board without 7812 voltage regulator
5. The circuit is simple and reliable. It is very easy to make and free from debugging.
6. High-precision CNC double-sided tinned circuit board is small in size and convenient to install.
7. Original imported relay, pure silver contacts.
8. Double-sided tinned circuit board, small size, convenient installation
PCB size: 7cm × 57mm
Voltage Range: AC12V to AC24V
Start delay: 1S closed
Regulator:Using 7812
Package Inckuded:
1 x Dual Omron Relay