DVB-S2 To ASI Tuner Input Multiplexer 8×DVB-S2 IN / 1xASI IN / 2xASI OUT


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  • 8 Eισόδοι DVB-S2
  • 1 Είσοδος ASI
  • 2 Έξοδοι ASI
  • Διαχείριση μέσω δικτύου


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DVB-S2/ATSC Tuner Input Multiplexer is the latest demodulation and multiplexing device for digital TV broadcasting head-end system with TS output through ASI and IP port. It can multiplex up to 8 channels Tuner and 1 ASI input to one MPTS. This multiplexer has the functions of supporting auto-generation of PSI/SI information, PID re-mapping, service filtering and PCR adjusting. Also the multiplexer can insert EPG (electronic program guide), CA (conditional access), data broadcasting into output TS. In conclusion, its high integration and cost effective design make this device widely used in the Next Generation of CATV Broadcasting system



*  Fully complying with ISO13818 and EN300 468 standard

*  8 Tuner(DVB-S2/ATSC)+1 ASI input ports

*  ASI and IP output

*  Integrated demodulating and multiplexing functions

*  Support accurate PCR adjusting

*  Support PID filtering, re-mapping

*  Support PSI/SI rebuilding and editing

*  Support MPTS over UDP, RTP/RTSP output as mirror of ASI output (RJ45)

*  Huge buffer memory for saving the overflowing code stream

*  Supporting to multiplex one program to all outputs

*  Alarming function

*  LCD/keyboard and Web-based NMS management


Principle Chart




Input interface 8 DVB-S2 +1 ASI
Re-multiplex PID re-mapping
PCR accurate adjusting
Automatic generating PSI/SI table
Input Packet format 204/188 self-adaption
Output port ASI 2 * ASI output(Max180Mbps)
IP MPTS over UDP, RTP/RTPS out as mirror of ASI output (RJ45) 100 Mbps Ethernet – NDS3108

(Max 83Mbps)

1000 Mbps Ethernet – NDS3107I

(Max 280Mbps)

PID Output range 0x0000—0x1FFF
PID transparent Any PID transparent and mapping achievable
Amount of output PID per input 128
NMS port Ethernet port 10/100M
General Demission 482mm×300mm×44mm (WxLxH)
Weight 3.5kg
Temperature 0~45℃(operation), -20~80℃(storage)
Power supply AC 110V±10%, 50/60Hz Or AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption 18W