IRS2092S 500W 90dB Mono Channel Digital Amplifier Class D

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his is pure power amplifier board, the sensitivity of the input signal of 1.5V rms, if your input signal voltage can’t reach this value,recommend add preamp.
Mono channel,for 2.0 channel need bid two.
1. Power supply: dual DC power supply ± 58 — ± 70V
2. The rated output power: 500W (± 65V power supply, 4 ohm load, distortion 10%)
3. Efficiency:> = 90%
4. SNR: 90dB
5. The total harmonic distortion:
380W (± 65 power 4 ohm speaker, distortion <0.1%)
280W (± 65 power 8 ohm speaker, distortion <0.1%)
6. Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
7. Speaker: 4-8Ω
8. Voltage Magnification: 36 times
9. Input sensitivity 1.5V (RMS)
10. Output short circuit protection: Yes
11. That output DC bias protection speaker protection: Yes
12. Over-temperature protection: Yes, radiator FET temperature higher than 100 ° C, turn off the output!
13. Amplifier board size: length x width x height = 98x43x30mm
14. Weight: 95 g
Use precautions:
1. Rated supply voltage is ±65V, ±58—±70V range, do not over 70V! positive and negative do not pick wrong
2. Recommended power supply ±65V
3. Recommended 4-8Ω / 10-18inch speaker
4. Carefully check before electricity, ensure the wiring is correct.
Package Contents:
1  X  Digital Amplifier Module