JX-916BT MP3 player with bt fm micro sd card & usb input

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  • 1. Bluetooth version 5.0
  • 2. Support call (long press the pause button to answer the call)
  • 3. Support recording. Recording only supports TF mode or USB mode operation (long press the MODE button to start recording, long press the MODE button again to cancel recording and play the recording file; exit the recording mode and long press the pause button to exit. You need to connect a storage device when recording, for example: U disk or TF card)
  • 4. Support power off memory
  • 6. The power supply voltage supports between DC6V-12V, and the current is between 1-3A
  • 7. Can be directly connected to speakers, with power amplifier and decoding functions.
  • 8. Support song format MP3 /WMA / WAV / APE / FLAC
  • 9. Main functions: MP3/USB/TF/Line in/FM/Bluetooth/Remote control
  • 10. Power 50W, true stereo 2*25W
  • 11. Digital large color screen display, clear at a glance, easy to use
  • 12. Size: 92x41mm