NE555 Timer Module yl-107

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NE555 Adjustable Square Wave Signal Generator

This module can be used in your prototyping process as a square wave signal generator to produce square wave signals for experimental development use, or in applications such as driving stepper motors, as an adjustable pulse for microcontroller applications.
Although only 3.2cm (L) and 2.3cm (W) (1.3″ x 0.9″), the board boasts an NE555 timer chip configured in four frequency ranges, 1Hz to 50Hz, 50Hz to 1kHz, 1kHz to 10kHz and 10kHz to 200kHz all adjustable with an onboard jumper along with two trim-pots to adjust the output frequency and the duty cycle.
Input voltage to the module is variable from 5v to 15v DC and draws approximately 15mA at 5v (35mA at 12v) with a output amplitude of 4.2v peak-to-peak to 11.4v peak-to-peak (based on supply voltage).
Included onboard is an indicator LED indicator which illuminates on a low-level output and flashes relative to the output frequency. At higher frequencies, the LED will appear to be on solid and without a visible flash.
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This is a NE555 timer module that generates pulse wave which is suitable to use as an external clock for FPGA or control the LED brightness. The changeable duty cycle is ranging from 50% to 100%.



  1. Used as a square wave signal generator, offer the square wave signal for the use of the experimental development.
  2. Used to produce driving stepper motor drives, offer the square wave signal.
  3. Adjustable pulse for the use of MCU.
  4. Generate an adjustable pulse control circuit.



  1. 0,5Hz – 50Hz
  2. 50Hz – 3,5kHz
  3. 650Hz – 10kHz
  4. 10kHz – 600kHz

Note: There are four different frequency ranges to be selected by moving the jumper.




  • Input Voltage: 5~15V
  • Working Current: 15~35mA
  • Input current: >=100MA
  • Duty cycle range: >50% ~ 100%