Q-112M QAM TransModulator 12xDVB-S2 IN / 4 DVB-C / DVB-T OUT

1.900,00 με ΦΠΑ

Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο. Παράδοση 1-3 Εργάσιμες

  • 12 Eισόδοι DVB-S2
  • 4 Έξοδος DVB-T/DVB-C  ( επιλεγομενη )
  • Διαχείριση μέσω δικτύου
  • Εξόδοι 4MPTS ,128 SPTS
  • Είσοδοι ip UDP RTP
  • Αποκωδικοποίηση  biss
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Άμεση, Αυθυμερόν Αποστολή σε Όλα τα Διαθέσιμα Προϊόντα


Πληρωμή με μετρητά κατά την παράδοση


Πληρωμή με χρεωστική ή πιστωτική κάρτα


Πληρωμή με τραπεζική μεταφορά

Works both Coax Cable & IPTV networks: Distribute MPEG-4 AVC encoding to all kinds of Modulation and All SPTS/ MPTS Over UDP IP out.

Operation via LCD Screen and Web Management : easy to read LCD color front panel that makes it easy to setup and monitor your channels, check firmware, and identify IP addresses without a computer.

 Multi-Modulation: Optional DVB-C (QAM), DVB-T (COFDM), ATSC-T, ISDB-T, DTMB Modulation (can selectable in web interface).

DVB-S2/S tuner: Support QPSK, 8PSK,16Apsk/ 32APSK, maximum Symbol rate 55MSps.

 Flexible selection of different input modules: four tuner, four HD encoding in one device


  • Distribute Up to 24 FTA  Tuners over RF  to an unlimited number of TVs
  • Selectable DVB-S2, ISDB-T, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DTMB, ATSC free to air Tuners inputs
  • DVB-S2 inputs support up to 16apsk, 32apsk (optional)
  • Optional DVB-C (QAM), DVB-T (COFDM), ATSC-T, ISDB-T, DTMB Modulation, 4*Carrier RF Out, 8*carrier RF out (option)
  • In modulation Mode, support 128*IP input
  • Two separate ASI input for External TS Multiplexing
  • Simulaneously 4*MPTS, N*tuner passthrough and 512*SPTS over UDP/RTP IP out in Tuners Gateway
  • 4 separate multiplexing and Up-converter modulating adjacent carrier out
  • Support BISS-1 and BISS-E decryption
  • Selectable the Value of PCR PID same as Video PID
  • LCN (Logical Channel Number) support
  • PSI/SI editing & inserting; PID Remapping & Filtering
  • Support TTL editing
  • Support PCR correct and PCR interval adjusting
  • Low power consumption and high reliability
  • Easy-to-Use System Management via We
    Q112M 12 (with 128 IP in) QAM; ATSC; DVB-T; ISDB; DTMB 128*SPTS and 1*MPTS