Smart Motion Sensor, WiFi Wireless Security Alarm,110dB

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ασύρματος συναγερμός με wifi tuya app antipet εως 25kg ,συμβατος επισης με ALEXA
ΑΙΣΘΗΤΗΡΑΣ ΚΙΝΗΣΗΣ WIFI: Συναγερμός ανιχνευτή κίνησης Wifi PIR, μέσω της εφαρμογής “Tuya Smart” ή “Smart Life” για έλεγχο απο το κινητο σας. Ο αναβαθμισμένος ευαίσθητος αισθητήρας υπερύθρων ανιχνεύει την κίνηση και εκπέμπει ηχητικό συναγερμό . Ταυτόχρονα, μια ειδοποίηση θα προωθηθεί στο τηλέφωνό σας.
ΑΝΙΧΝΕΥΤΗΣ ΚΙΝΗΣΗΣ PIR ΜΕ 4 ΛΕΙΤΟΥΡΓΙΕΣ ΟΠΛΙΣΗΣ ευελιξία στις λειτουργίες συναγερμού ① Λειτουργία ήχου και φωτός ②Λειτουργία μόνο φωτός ③ Λειτουργία μόνο ήχου ④ Λειτουργία σίγασης – αποστέλλονται ειδοποιήσεις μόνο στο κινητό σας τηλέφωνο. Προσθέστε χρονοδιάγραμμα σύμφωνα με τις ανάγκες σας.


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wifi tuya app
Item model number: ‎PIR Motion Detector
‎Free alert information, 110dB sound alarm,Timming Arm And Disarm
APP:Tuya Smart/Smartlife
Detection distance: 0-12 meters (0-40ft)
Detecting angle: 110°
Wireless type: 2.4 GHz (5G is not applicable)
Frequency support: 802.11a/b/g/n
Working temperature: -10-50℃(14°F~122°F)
Working humidity: up to 95% RH
Anti-white light interference: ≥7000LUX
Installation method: Bracket mounting
Application environment: indoor
Size: 4.13*2.28*1.69inches/105*57.8*42.3mm
Weight: 3.35oz/95g
WIFI MOTION SENSOR: Wifi PIR motion detector alarm, No hub required, via “Tuya Smart” or “Smart Life” APP to control. The Upgraded sensitive infrared sensor detects motion and emits a audible alarm (up to 110 dB). At the same time, an alert will be pushed to your phone.

PIR MOTION DETECTOR WITH 4 ARMING MODES & FREE ALARM RECORDS: You will like the flexibility in the alarm modes (①Sound & Light Mode ②Only Light Mode ③Only Sound Mode ④Mute mode–only sent alerts to your mobile phone). Add schedule according to your needs, TIMED ARMING and DISARMING and view the alarm records through the Tuya App any time anywhere. The alarm can protect your property well and is your first home security system.

DUAL INFRARED DETECTION & ACCURATE ALARM: Our Tuya motion detector consists of upper and lower detection windows, 110° detection angle, 40 feet detection distance,support 360 degrees to adjust the detection orientation. Because of the dual infrared design, it can prevent people from climbing over the induction blind area without triggering the alarm and prevent false alarms from pets under 25KG.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA GOOGLE & SMART LINKAGE: Pir motion sensor can be used with Amazon Alexa, Google home, Siri for home automation. It can also be linked with other smart wifi devices. for example, when you open the door, the sensor will be triggered and the light will turn on automatically.

THE NEW UPGRADE USB WIFI DETECTOR: Because smart motion sensor is a wifi 24 hours online products, the power consumption will be much higher than other sensor products, So we design it powered by USB cable, No need battery, just plugged in with USB cable all the time. Saves your money and saves the trouble of replacing the battery.

The newly upgraded wifi motion sensor with sound and light alarm, 4 modes can be selected, no need gateway hub and alarm host.

Sound & light Mode: When movement is detected, an alarm will issue a 110 dB alert,the LED light will flash, an alarm information will be sent to your mobile phone at the same time

Silent Mode: When movement is detected, the LED light will flash, an alarm information will be sent to your mobile phone at the same time.

Alarm sound Mode: When movement is detected, an alarm will issue a 110 dB alert, an alarm information will be sent to your mobile phone at the same time.

Secret Mode: When movement is detected, only send alarm information to your phone.
NOTE: You can set the alarm duration through the App (0-255 Seconds)

6-39 ft & 110 Degree Detection Angle: PIR detects humans or animals in motion, 110°detection angle, 39ft detection distance, without any hub, realize real-time monitoring day and night.
Only support 2.4G Wi-Fi,
Tuya Smart/Smart Life APP Real-time Alarm: Tuya/Smartlife APP remote control, Minimalist screen, easy operation, Real-time monitoring of whether there is anyone through the Tuya APP.
Free information push.

Sound & Light Alarm Motion Sensor: When it detects a movement, you will get a instant push alerts on your phone and an alarm will issue a 110dB alert.

Timer Function: This wifi smart trigger has the timing function.
You can add schedule according to your needs, DIY your home security systems.