T2310 DC 12V Programmable Digital Time Delay Switch Relay T2310 Normally Open Timer Control Module 0-999S/Min/Hour

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Product Description


Independent crystal oscillator, more accurate timing

1. Convenient direct output wiring

2. Add buzzer and audible alarm

3. Add pause button to stop urgently

5. Start and stop setting mode, provincial conversion, which is more convenient

6. Automatically save when power off, run automatically when power on

7. Timing units can be set separately, with 36 working combinations

8. Timing range: 0-999 seconds, minutes, hours

9. To count in minutes or hours, the digital tube flashes in seconds.

Note: This product is a countdown operation and cannot be set to a 24-hour working mode.


Controller type Normally open time controller
Operating Voltage


Control circuit voltage


Relay carrying power


Recommended power Relay carrying power×80%
Relay type Normally open relay
Power consumption 1W
Relay service life 100000 Times
Timing error ±3sin 24 hours
Weight 65g
Size 67mm×45mm ×34mm
Fixed way Embedded Hole 63mm×42mm

Operation Introduction:

1. In the conventional interface, long press the SET button for 10 seconds to enter the setting mode, the red digital tube displays the code, and the green digital tube displays the code parameter value; press the SET key to switch the code, and press the up/down keys to modify the parameter value.

2. Adjust the value of P0 and P1 to 0 (time unit is second)

3. Adjust P2 to 5, the relay is closed first and then opened, and continuously circulates

4. Wait for 10 seconds to automatically save the settings after the code setting is completed

5. To set the timing time, double-click the SET button on the conventional interface, the red digital tube flashes, press the up/down keys to adjust the value to 10, click the SET button, the green digital tube flashes, adjust the value to 50, wait for 10 seconds to automatically save, set carry out.

All settings are automatically saved when power is turned off and run automatically when power is turned on, without manual start.

Press and hold the SET key to power on to restore the factory settings.