TYPE-C arduino uno R3 CH340G

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Hereby declare:

This version is optimized on the original version, mainly designed for foreign customers with high product quality and functional requirements. It is guaranteed to be completely consistent with the original version and convenient for everyone to use.
Advantages: 1 completely solved the incompatibility of the traditional UNO board in win7 and win8 system.
2. The pin header is added to facilitate the use of the DuPont line.
3. Replaced 16u2, reducing costs to half, consumers get the most benefits
1. Download arduno’s IDE
Download address: http://arduno.cc/en/Main/Software (copy open)
2. Download the USB chip driver
Download address: http://wch.cn/downloads.php?name=pro&proid=65
Foreign customer download address: http://www.wch-ic.com/download/list.asp?id=126
3. Plug in the UNO development board and the driver will be installed automatically.
4. Select the board in the die UNO
5. Select the COM port, this can be queried in my computer, just the port inside your uno development board
6. It is best to choose the routine program that comes with arduno and burn it into it.


Introduction to Arduno

What is Arduno
Arduno is a simple i/o platform based on open source code and has an easy-to-understand feature using a Java/C-like Processing/Wiring development environment. Lets you quickly use Arduno to make interesting things. Arduno can be used with some electronic components such as: LED lights, buzzers, buttons, photoresistors, and more. The Arduno development environment interface is based on open source principles, allowing you to download and use more amazing interactive works.

Feature description
Open the original design of the circuit diagram, the development software interface is free to download, you can also modify it according to your needs, the download procedure is simple and convenient. Simply use sensors, a variety of electronic components (such as: LED lights, buzzers, buttons, photoresistors, etc.) to make a variety of interesting works.
Using a high-speed microprocessor controller (ATMEGA328), the development interface and environment are very simple and easy to understand, making it ideal for beginners to learn.

Performance description
Digital I/O digital input/output terminals total 0~13.
The analog I/O analog input/output terminals are 0~5.
Support ISP download function.
Input voltage: no external power supply is required when connecting to the computer USB, external power supply 5V~9V DC voltage input.
Output voltage: 5V DC voltage output and 3.3V DC voltage output.
Atmel Atmega328 microprocessor controller