XH-M401 Step down DC-DC converter

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Product name: DC step-down module Converter
Voltage regulating mode: PWM modulation
Input voltage: DC4-40V
Output voltage: DC1.25-36V
Max output current: 8A (more than 5A for long time use,need Fan if over 5A)
Max power: 200W
Conversion efficiency: 94%
Switching frequency: 180KHZ
Dimensions: 61*41*27mm

Chip: switching regulator Regulating chip XL4016 with Over current protection, Over temperature protection,Short circuit protection

When reach maximum output current 8A, need to add fan. Long term work recommended about 5A

Panel Mounting:

1. Drill holes in the Panel 7mm
2. Extended potentiometer handle
3. Lock screw sleeve upper knob