XH-M404 step down DC-DC converter

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Product Name: DC voltage regulator module.
Product Type: XH-M404.
Voltage mode: PWM modulation.
Input voltage: DC4-40V.
Output voltage: DC1.25 ~ 36V.
Maximum current: 8A (long work proposals 5A).
Maximum power: 200W.
Conversion efficiency: 94%.
Switching Frequency: 180KHz.
Size: 70 * 47 * 29mm (L * W * H).
Protection: short circuit protection, input reverse polarity protection, over-temperature protection (over temperature cut off the output).
1. The input voltage range of 4-40V, the output voltage range of 1.25-36V.
2. The digital display is the output voltage.
3. Adjust the potentiometer knob: clockwise to adjust the output voltage is increased; counter-clockwise, the output voltage is reduced; after re-regulate the voltage connected load and prevent damage to the load.
4. more than 5A current, please enhance heat dissipation.
5. The low voltage display precision 0.01V, high-voltage display accuracy 0.1V.

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