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XQ-350 Network Cable Tester / Scanner

29,00 με ΦΠΑ

Tester και scanner Καλωδίων δικτύου



  • This cable tester is suitable for RJ11 RJ45, judge continuity of the cables or wires.
  • Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of network, telephone wires.
  • Compare the volume of the “tout” sound and the brightness of the signal indicator, then you can find the target wire which has the highest volume and brightest indicator.
  • It comes with an earphone support to enable service technician to work conveniently and comfortably in noisy environment.
  • Sensitive sensor, stable and reliable.

Model: XQ-350
Color: Orange
Max working current: Tester: 10mA Receiver: 30mA
Signal transfer mode: Multi-frequency pulse
Signal output level: 8Vp-p
Signal transfer distance: ≥3Km
Battery: 1 x DC 9V Battery (NOT included)
Size: Transmitter: Approx. 126*50*34mm/4.9*1.96*1.3in
Receiver: Approx. 178*40*25mm/7*1.57*0.98in
Weight: Approx. 326g

Package Included:
1 x Cable Emitter
1 x Cable Receiver
1 x RJ11 Cable
1 x RJ45 Cable
1 x Earphone
1 x Cable with Crocodile Clamp
1 x Black Bag



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