XY6008 NC adjustable DC regulated power supply constant voltage and constant current maintenance 60V8A480W step-down module

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Product parameter
Input voltage range: 6-70. 00V
Output voltage range: 0-60.00V
Output current range: 0-8.000A
Output power range: 0-480.0w
Input voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
Output voltage setting measurement resolution: 0.01V
Current setting measurement resolution: 0.001A
Input voltage measurement accuracy: ±(1%+5 words)
Output voltage setting and measurement accuracy: (0.4%+1 word)
Output current setting and measurement accuracy: ±(0.5%+3 words)
Typical output ripple: 100mv VPP
Product working temperature range: -10℃–40℃
Capacity measurement range: 0-99999Ah
Energy measurement range: 0-99999Wh
Statistical error of capacity and energy: ±2%
Running time measurement range: 0-1000h
Maximum output voltage: (input voltage ÷ 1.1) -2
The cooling fan is turned on: current>2A power>50W temperature>50℃
The cooling fan is turned on and turned off: current <1.5A power <45W temperature <45℃
Over temperature protection: 110℃ by default
Screen brightness setting: 0-5 total 6 levels
Display screen: 1.8-inch color LCD display
Weight with packaging: 258 grams
Product size: 125MM*55MM*35MM