YYH-2 Electric motor & control repeat cycle time delay relay

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Electric motor and reversing timing control  repeat cycle  time delay relay


1.Model:YYH2 can control reverse speed ,timing,limit of DC motor

2: Features: This product uses MOS tube H bridge circuit, excellent performance, input and output optocoupler isolation, the minimum can be 0.01 seconds frequent switching, no noise, can be 10 speed, far more than relay contact control, relay touch Point life limit, and there are sound, poor sensitivity, contact frequently easy to burn burn contact
3: low power consumption: 15ma or so,  can set the low power mode, standby current is less than 10ma
4: input voltage range and controllable power: Input voltage: DC4.2V ~ 28V output can control the current within 7A motor
5: time range: 0.01 seconds to 99 hours any time adjustable
6: speed range: a total of 10 files, the speed from 0% to 100% arbitrary speed
7: Terminal port description:
IN1, IN2: signal input (active low, negative trigger, can be connected NPN sensor)
DC-: power supply negative input (DC 4.2V ~ 28V wide voltage)
DC +: Positive input of power supply
M +, M-: output termination motor, regardless of positive and negative level
8: other common problems: A: all settings options can be automatically saved, set the contents will not lost without electric.
B: can be frequently on/off ,longer service life than electromagetc relay.