ZK-PP2 Signal Generator 8A Driver Module for Motor/ 1Hz-150KHz

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ZK-PP2K signal generator is a device that provides electrical signals at a variety of frequencies, square wave,pulse and output levels.It supports dual mode:PWM mode and PULSE mode.It supports high current output and can be directly connected to the motor.It is used as a signal source or excitation source for testing.Widely used in production practice and technology.
    1>.Dual mode:PWM mode and PULSE mode
    2>.LCD high definition display
    3>.Support frequency adjustment
    4>.Support duty cycle adjustment
    5>.High precision detection
    6>.Support power-down memory function
    7>.1-Channel signal output
    8>.Support reverse protection
    9>.Support enabled/disabled output
    10>.Direct drive LED/Motor/solenoid valve
    1>.Product name: ZK-PP2K PWM Signal Generator
    2>.Model: ZK-PP2K
    3>.Work voltage:DC 3.3V-30V
    4>.Frequency range:1Hz~150KHz
    5>.Frequency accuracy:2%
    6>.Duty cycle range:0.00%-100%
    7>.Output Current:8A(Max)
    8>.Number of pulses:1~9999 or Infinite
    9>.Delay time:0.000s~9999s
    10>.Pulse width:0.000s~9999s
    11>.Time accuracy:1ms
    12>.Output amplitude:Same to input voltage
    13>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
    14>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH