5V 4ch relay control with button

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4 Channel Interlocked Self-locking Button Trigger Relay Module 5V \High /Low Level Relay Module Red



  • 1.100% brand new
  • 2.Color: Red
  • 3. Supply Voltage:5V
  • 4.Size of relay module:77*57.5*18.5mm
  • 5.Weight:70g
  • 6.Load:250V 10A(AC) or 30V 10A (DC)
  • 7.Use:It is suitable for the design and development of industrial electronic products. can be used as the signal input source of single chip microcomputer. And can also be butted with a single chip, or with a magnifying driving relay or a small direct current motor


  • 1.The work way  has three options: self lock / Interlock / trigger (point action)
  • 2.Self latching is to press, the relay pull in, and then press, the relay closed.Self locking 4 channel independent of each other, without influence, can also be external trigger switch (CH terminal connection), with high or low level trigger (optional), can control 4 channel, such as lamp control, etc.
  • 3.Trigger (point action) is pressed, the relay pull in, loosen the button, relay closed.can be connected with the trigger switch (CH connection terminal). And can also be triggered by high or low level (optional). Apply to such as electric door, electric door lock, connect with single chip microcomputer, etc. only need a high or low level pulse circuit and so on.
  • 4.The interlock is typical for application fan design, when the S1 presses the S1 relay to pull in; and when the S2 presses the S1 disconnect, the S2 relay is pulled in


  • 1.Double sided plate design PCB, 4 channel independent design, without interference
  • 2.The design of single chip microcomputer, stable and reliable performance, strong anti-interference, no error triggering, superior performance
  • 3.Interface design user-friendly, with a good terminal, can be directly connected to the lead
  • 4.The trigger end has optocoupler isolation, the trigger power supply can be independently connected with the power supply, and the system can be completely isolated
  • 5.With 4 tact switches for product testing, the stability of the product is checked directly
  • 6.Have power indicator (green LED) and 4 switch instructions (red LED)
  • 7.The design has 4 bolt holes: the distance is 71×51, and the aperture is 3mm

   Electrical parameter:

  • 1.Trigger voltage: low level is 0-2.5V, the high level  is 3.5-5V (such as 12V voltage, need to  series 5.1-6.8K resistance can trigger voltage;for 24V trigger, need to series 15-22K resistance can  trigger, otherwise it will burn out the chip)
  • 2.Working voltage:        5V
  • 3.Quiescent current:    18mA,                          ,
  • 4.Working current:       4channel371mA

   Power input:

  • 1.DC+: the module supplies the positive pole to the same voltage as the relay
  • 2.DC-: module power negative

Trigger terminal:

  • 1. CH1 – CH4: corresponds to the 1-4 channel  relay to trigger the control terminal, which supports high or low level trigger
  • 2.TRV+: external trigger power positive, such as external trigger power, RTV+ and VCC between the jumper to be removed
  • 3.TRV-: external trigger power negative, such as external trigger power, RTV- and GND between the jumper to be removed
  • 4.4 micro switches: corresponding to the 1-4 relay test button, the low level trigger is effective
  • 5.High / low level trigger selection. When the COM is connected to the L, the low level trigger is valid. When the COM is connected with the H terminal, the high level trigger is effective
  • 6.NO1 – NO4: the relay normally opens the interface, the relay is left before attracting, and then short connected with the COM after attracting
  • 7.COM1 – COM4: relay common interface
  • 8.NC1 – NC4: relay normally closed interface, before the relay is pulled in, short connection with COM, hang in the air after attracting


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