W3230 DC 12V Thermostat Temperature Control Switch Thermometer Controller

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Circuit connection: the reference circuit diagram to connect the power supply and load, at this time the digital tube (top) shows the actual measurement temperature value, the digital tube (bottom) shows the preset temperature. The temperature sensor is missing or damaged by the digital tube will show “– -“, before using the buyer must check whether the temperature sensor is installed.

The temperature-controlled output is a 10A relay that meets a variety of high-power loads, making sure the line is correct.

INDICATOR, digital tube status description:

INDICATOR: Off indicates that the relay is open and always on indicates that the relay is closed

Digital tube: display “– -“, 1, check the temperature sensor missing or damaged 2, heating mode high temperature protection 3, cooling mode low temperature protection. The relay in protective mode opens automatically.

Use of keys: The thermostat panel has three keys, keys and keys – set the key SET

Keystrokes: To achieve a rapid addition of values

Key -: To achieve a rapid decline in values

Key Restart: Restart the key

Set key SET: Implement the settings of the two-tier interface Temperature settings interface Parameter settings interface

SET press the digital tube (bottom) to achieve a fast temperature setting. Presets – 20 degrees C, 0 degrees C, 20 degrees C, 40 degrees C, 60 degrees C, 80 degrees C, 100 degrees C and other data sets for users to quickly call. For example, the user needs to set 68.8 degrees C, first press set to adjust to 60 degrees C, and then by pressing the button to fine-tune to the corresponding temperature. Set up and wait for 5s to automatically remember and save the data. Compared with the 1st generation thermostat 2nd generation operation is more convenient and flexible, dual LED simultaneously displays the measured temperature, set temperature is more convenient to observe.


SET long press to enter the parameter settings interface, P0-P5 is the corresponding parameter settings. The switch to P0-P5 can be achieved by pressing SET shortly under the parameter settings menu. To modify a parameter, simply switch to the appropriate item and set it by clicking the button plus or minus. When set up, press and hold set to save the data, or wait for 6s to save the data automatically.


Tips for Friendship:

P3 Setting 1 means that the thermostat stops running for 1 minute before pressing and pressing set to trigger again.

P4 Setting 1 means that the thermostat starts working after 1 minute. The digital tube does not light up after setting and does not work properly until 1 minute later. Press and hold set to trigger again.

P5 default setting OF, once the user set the temperature, in order to prevent others from changing at will can set the P5 option to ON. Once set to ON data is locked, P5 needs to be set as OFF when it needs to be set again.

Knowledge expansion: the concept of differential return

The simple understanding of back difference is the difference of going back. The thermostat can set up two modes of operation, heating and cooling, so the return difference has two meanings:

In refrigeration mode (when P0-C), if the set temperature is 30 degrees C and the return difference is 2, the relay is closed when the actual temperature is 32 degrees C, and when the actual temperature is 30 degrees C, the relay is disconnected;

In heating mode (P0-H), if the set temperature is 30 degrees C and the return difference is 2, the relay is disconnected when the actual temperature is 30 degrees C, and when the actual temperature is closed at 28 degrees C.


Application 1: The thermostat can be widely used in boiler water temperature control, water dispenser water temperature control and automatic cupboard water temperature control.

Application 2: The thermostat can be used for printer equipment, incubation control, and intelligent control of refrigerator air conditioning.

Application 3: This temperature can be widely used in intelligent control of agriculture, temperature control of large sheds, automated irrigation and other fields.