XYD5005 CNC LCD Adjustable DC Power Supply DC 5-55V to 0-50V 5A

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This product is DC adjustable stable voltage power, CPU real-time tracking,Step-down type, The unique circuit topology is adopted,It has the function of OVP/OCP/ Short circuit protection, Constant voltage and constant current output, 1.8-inch colorful LCD display, high precision, high resolution, low temperature drift, high stability.
The product has a shell, clear interface, simple operation and convenient use.


1>.Over-voltage protection
2>.Over-current protection
3>.Short circuit protection
4>.Constant voltage constant current
5>.1.8 inch LCD display
6>.High precision
7>.High resolution
8>.Low temperature drift
9>.High stability
10>.Easy to use

3.Parameters :

1>.Input voltage range : DC 6-55.00V
2>.Output voltage range : DC 0-50.00V
3>.Output current range : 0-5.000A
4>.Output power range : 0-250.0W
5>.Voltage resolution : 0.01V
6>.Current resolution : 0.001A
7>.Output voltage set/read resolution : 0.01V
8>.Output current set/read resolution : 0.001A
9>.Output voltage measurement accuracy : ±(0.5%+1bit)
10>.Output current measurement accuracy : ±(0.5%+2bit)

4.Function Description:

1>. ON or OFF the output:
In any interface, press the ON/OFF button to turn ON or OFF the output.
2>. Set M-, M0-M9 in total 11 storage data groups:
The ‘M-’ group is the default data group, and the data after manual operation will be stored to the m-data group by default. The data group called when the power is on is the data group when the last power was off.
3>. Quickly retrieve M0 or M1 data groups:
In interface 1, pressing the button “U/I” or “S/R” for more than 2 seconds can quickly call up M0 or M1 data groups. Meanwhile, the corresponding data group serial number M0 or M1 will be displayed at the location of M of the storage data group.

5.Set Parameter:

1>. Interface specification:
The product is divided into two interfaces, which can be switched by pressing SW button, After the power is off, the current interface state is automatically remembered
2>. Set the output voltage current value:
Through short press “U/I” button, switch voltage/current Settings, enter into the state of the voltage/current Settings, press rotary encoder, but bit by bit cycle selected voltage/current digital switch, when picked, rotation can change the size of a digital potentiometer, clockwise rotation increases, counterclockwise rotation reduces. After the data is adjusted, no operation will be automatically saved and exit the setting within 25 seconds. The voltage/current setting is completed.
3>.Interface 1:OVP/OCP/ Brightness/Data group selection:
Select OVP, OCP, brightness, and bring up the data of the specified data group by pressing ‘S/R’. After the data of OVP/OCP is selected, the number and state of OVP/OCP (ON/OFF) can be selected by pressing the coding potentiometer. When num picked, rotation can change the size of a digital potentiometer, clockwise, counterclockwise, elected state in clockwise to open the function (ON), counterclockwise closed functions (OFF); When the medium brightness is selected, the brightness is adjusted by rotating the encoder, which can be divided into five gears ranging from 0 to 4. After M is selected, the rotating potentiometer will call up the data stored in the corresponding data group, a total of M-, m0-m9,11 groups of data.
4>. Interface 2:AH/WH/Run Time Record:
Start/stop the recording of AH,WH and time by pressing the ‘SR’ button shortly; Long press the ‘SR’ button for 2 seconds to clear the data; Long press the rotary encoder for 2 seconds to switch the default state of the recording data function,’Run:0’: Off by default, ‘Run:1’: On by default
5>.Save the specified data group:
In the interface 1, Long press the rotary encoder after 2 seconds, according to the rotary encoder data set M is selected and start flashing, at this time through the rotary encoder to store the data set of coding, M -, M0 – M9, a total of 11 data set position, and then, through ‘U/I’, ‘S/R buttons set the corresponding parameter, long press potentiometer after 2 seconds, all the data (set of voltage and current, OVP, OCP, brightness) automatically in the specified data set, data set M no longer flashing.


This product has the function of constant voltage and constant current, Can charge all kinds of rechargeable batteries, charging current up to 5A, If you are using it to charge the battery, please make sure to connect the anti-pour diode in series. Otherwise, it will damage the product..